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Frequently Asked Questions - London Man Van

Get an answer to most common questions asked.

How I get a Quote?

To get REMOVALS or MAN & VAN ONLINE QUOTE, please select order details on our QUOTATION FORM and you will see quote on our website in real time. Also you will get quotation via email with your reference number, and you can contact us to arrange our service for you whenever you need. QUOTATION FORM

How do I pay for the service?

On our booking form you will find selections of payment methods. You can pay Online by "Debit Card" / "Credit Card", "PayPal" or "By cash on the day to the driver". If you selected payment by "Debit Card" / "Credit Card" or "PayPal" you must pay at least 24 hours before. Our drivers don’t accept Card payments. If you selected payment "By cash to the driver on the day" please note that you need to pay before unloading.

How many Men will I need?

Please, consider to select at least 2 men if there are too heavy or too large items for one man.

What van size I would need?

On our website you can find all dimensions inside of each van we provide. To check our van sizes click here VAN SIZES.
Choose right van size for your move and do not overpay for unused space in the van.
If you still not sure what "VAN SIZE" you need, please contact us between 8am - 6pm and one of our representatives will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.

What size of van will I get?

You will get van size which you selected on booking form. You will never get smaller van. Sometime we can deliver van size bigger. Don't be worry, You will never pay more if you don't need a bigger van.

When I will get my booking confirmation?

If you placed your order within our office working hours, we will verify all details and we will send You Email and Text Message (SMS on your mobile) confirmation within 15-30 minute.
If you placed an order after working hours, please expect your confirmation next day.
If you didn't receive your confirmation email and text, please contact our office urgently.
You can also check your ORDER STATUS here.

Will I pay for extra pickup /drop off?

Up to 10 miles there are no extra charges, if more than 10 miles, than charge for full mileage will be included.

How do I pay deposit?

If you'd like to pay deposit please click PAY DEPOSIT. We require deposit of 30% only if you are "moving from outside of London M25".

Do I pay, if I want to travel in the Van?

NO. There are no extra charges if you need to travel in the van. One passenger can always travel in the van. Sometime we can take up to 2 passengers as there are 3 seats in the van. If two passengers need to travel in the van please contact our customer service to check if there will be available space in the van.

Can I amend date or time of service?

YES. But you need to contact us at least 48 hours before to change date or time. Subject of availability.

Can I move at the weekend?

YES. Our drivers operate 7 days a week from 7am till 10pm. We do not charge extra on the weekend as our competitors. Same rates all week!

Will you arrange parking permits?

NO. All our customers are obligated to arrange parking permit for the van.
To find out more details about how to arrange parking permit please click here. PARKING PERMIT
We can provide vehicle details upto 48 hours before the date of service. If you don't provide parking permit then you are obligated to pay Penalty Charge Notice in advance to our driver before we start the job. We will refund your money back if we don't get Penalty Charge Notice by letter within 2 weeks. If we will get Penalty Charge Notice ticket we will send copy prove on to your email.

What if I need 2 vans or more men?

If you need 2 vans then you need to place 2 individual orders.
Each Van have limited number of 3 seats. With one van you can have up to 3 men to help.

Do you charge more at the weekend?

NO. We do not charge more at the weekend. All week same rates.

Are my goods insured?

YES. Our Goods in Transit insurance cover up to £10000. We are not liable for the first £250.00 per claim.
Claims must be reported at the time of occurrence – no claim will be accepted after the payment has been made and London Man Van team has left the site.
It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure extra insurance is arranged if required.
Goods will be protected only by our insurer, if "London Man Van team" will prepare for the transport all of the things described in Transport List by our customer.

How much notice do you require?

From One Hour up to One Week. Some days are busy some days are very busy. Weekends are very busy, so it is better if you order our service much earlier as we have limited number of vans. Week days are less busy and mostly we can provide our service within one hour.

Do I have to arrange parking space?

YES. Our customers are obligated to arrange parking space for our Van. To find out more details about how to arrange parking permit please click here. PARKING PERMIT

Do you have Checklist I can follow?

YES. We created great House Removals Checklist for all our customers. To see our Removals Checklist click here. REMOVALS CHECKLIST

Do you dismantle / assemble furniture?

YES. We can provide basic dismantle & assemble service for you. All our vans are equipped with the basic tools. If unusual tools are required you will need to provide them.

Why book online?

Why not get 5% discount when you placing your order online? Online booking is easier and faster. Online booking also helps to avoid any mistakes rather than providing all contact and address details through the phone.
After you place your order you will get instant an email from our server confirming your request with details you provided on our website. So you can double check if all details you provided are correct. BOOK ONLINE here

Will your carry goods to any floor, room?

YES. Our team will take your goods up to fourth floor even if there is no lift/elevator, and any floor if lift/elevator is in operating. And of course to any room on your request.

Should I tip the driver?

Only if you think so. The driver holds 100% of tips. London Man Van team is very efficient and always try to cope with the toughest task.

What other question you have?

If you have any other questions please EMAIL YOUR QUESTION HERE or call us and one of our representative will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our service.


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